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Bouquets of Balloons & Decorating

The sky is the limit when it comes to balloon decorating, as pretty much anything is possible! There are hundreds of pre-designed options to choose from, but we can also design a custom solution around your ideas. Balloon arches and columns are great ways to frame out a dance floor, a doorway or an aisle. Columns are usually spiral with a large 3’ mylar star or heart on top of a 3’ latex balloons either solid or imprinted with stars or flowers. Arches can be simple (single pearl strand) to the stupendous (quadruple spiral or sectioned with stars and ribbons hanging down). Customized balloon sculptures and names and numbers can really add a personal touch to any event, corporate or private.           

Themed Parties
Parties with themes can be the most fun because of all the creative ways the theme can be carried through. The total look of a well-coordinated theme will have your guests buzzing for weeks afterward. Creative balloon decorating is a great way to really personalize your event with the exact look that you are trying to accomplish.

Weddings are usually a time for elegance and class and while many brides and grooms choose flowers as their centerpieces, many of late have added balloons to their already existing floral centerpieces or used balloons exclusively. Silky pearl tones, soft designer colors like peach and ivory and elegant floral, dove and heart imprinted latex balloons have transformed many wedding receptions and added that extra special touch that no other decorating medium can. With beautiful streamers cascading down over the dance area and the bride and groom entering the ballroom through a 10’ walk-through heart sculpture this special day will take on even greater significance with the response from the awe struck guests. Add in a balloon drop at the conclusion of the bride and groom’s first dance and you’ll have a memorable day unlike any other.                         

Ceiling Treatments
Ceiling treatments are one of the most dramatic ways to transform a room. The entire ceiling over a dance area can be blanketed with latex balloons with streamers and mylar stars (or hearts, stars, or sports balls, etc) hanging down. Criss-crossing arches over the dance floor can also create a canopy effect with your guests under a dome of balloons where they can literally dance under the stars (even though they’re indoors). A tunnel effect of continual arches over a dance area also creates a special setting as do hanging air-filled balloon clouds. Even ceilings that are not balloon-friendly can be transformed with our innovative stretched line technique of hanging streamers and mylar stars and hearts from lines suspended from several points on the ceiling. Balloons help create a special environment that stands out from the typical forms of decor that people are used to!
The event world is always expanding and there is so much that goes into a special event whether it’s a wedding, corporate affair, birthday party or any other type of celebration. Balloons Unlimited offers many services, including balloon imprinting, double stuffing balloons, balloons inside other balloons, exploding balloons, confetti canons, balloon drops/releases, and more. Please contact us for information regarding these services and we will be happy to price several options for your next event.

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