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When Do You Fly?
Balloon flights are normally timed to depart within an hour of sunrise or two hours before sunset. We don't fly during the day because the air can be turbulent with daytime thermasl.

When Don't You Fly?
Rain, fog, low cloud cover, too much wind or not enough wind are the typical weather conditions that will prompt us to postpone a scheduled flight. We consider a wind speed of 5 knots as the upper threshold for safety. The pilot will make his decision whether or not it is safe to fly.

How Does A Hot Air Balloon Work?
Present-day Hot Air Balloon systems closely resemble the original balloons and work on the simple principle that hot air rises. They consist of an envelope to contain the hot air, a system to produce the hot air and a wicker basket to carry the people. Lift is derived from heating the air inside the envelope and descent by allowing some of the air to escape through a vent or by letting it cool naturally.

Where Do You Launch?
The choice of launch site will vary depending on the wind direction at the time of the flight. We want to go in a direction where we know there will be a good selection of landing sites. We are fortunate that, there are a variety of launch sites that suit the various wind directions.

Where Do You Land?
Balloons don't have any means of controlling lateral movement so they go wherever the wind takes them. Part of the adventure of ballooning is not knowing your destination prior to departure. During the flight, the pilot will select a landing site which is free of obstacles, large enough for a safe landing and deflation of the balloon, and not too far from a road. Happily, there are many such spots.

How Long Is The Flight?
Flights usually last 45 to 90 minuets, but we suggest you allow up to 2.5 hours for the whole excursion. This will include set-up and pack-up time as well as travel time back to the launch site.

What Should I Wear?                                               DO NOT WEAR SANDALS
You should dress to suit the season. You won't be much warmer or cooler during the flight than you would be on the ground. You should also choose footwear that's suitable for walking through country fields.

What Should I Bring?
You can to bring a camera or phone at your own risk.

Can I Help?
Ballooning is a particaptant activity, we can't do it without you, thanks in advance.

How Can I Book A Flight?

Call us at (703) 898-1157. or book online If you have a special day in mind it's best to book a couple of weeks in advance. If the weather is unco-operative on the selected day, then an alternate time will be arranged. Hot Air Balloons can fly any time of the year, Jan. - April  not so good. and each season has its own particular attractions. The choice is yours!

Can I Get A Gift Certificate?

Yes, of course, it's a great way to help someone celebrate a birthday or anniversary and it gives them the opportunity to choose when they wish to fly. Our regular Gift Certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase and are transferable, but nonrefundable. You can purchase one over the phone or in person, or click here to buy online!

Contacting Balloons Unlimited

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us from 10 AM to 2 PM EST Monday thru Saturday (703) 327-0444 or Toll Free 1-866-7-HOT-AIR (866-746-8247). You may also email us at

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