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Aerial Photography

Balloons Unlimited Inc. established it’s aerial photography division in 2002 after it purchased New Market Airport (8W2) in New Market Virginia.
We have have the capabilities of using either our own Cessna 172, hot air balloons, remote controlled mored blimp or rented helicopter and bucket truck. 

Frequent questions about aerial photography

Q. Who Uses Aerial Photography?

A. Just about anyone can have a need for aerial photography. Many different types of professionals use this type of product for many different reasons. Aerial photography can provide unique perspectives on various types of properties, locations, situations, events, etc. Real estate firms, attorneys, engineers, developers, property management firms, farmers - you name it. The list is practically endless, as are the applications. Also, residential property owners have a desire to have an aerial perspective of their personal residence, property, vacation home, personal watercraft- again, the list of applications seems to be endless.

Q. What geographical areas do we cover?

A. We routinely fly in the areas of Virginia. North Carolina. West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania & DC. We typically will cover the entire areas of Virginia, the Carolinas, the Maryland and Washington D.C. (except restricted airspace). However, through our affiliations with various professional aerial photography associations we can connect you to affiliated professional photographers world wide.

Q. How much do these types of services cost?

A. As you can imagine, there are many variables which determine the final cost of a project. The location of the site, the type and number of finished products desired, the type of aircraft and equipment to be used for the project are just some of the variables. There can be many more. That being said, on a typical project, let’s say within 50 nautical miles of New Market Airport (8W2), a client’s cost for a 13”x 9” or smaller glossy, color photo of a property may be in the range of $250-$350. This price would most likely include multiple views (up to 4), as well as an electronic file copy. Various types of photo papers, foam-core printing, etc. in many frame-ready sizes are available. The choices seem endless. We can help with all of those decisions!

Q. What type of equipment do we use?

A. We typically utilize Nikon, Canon and Sony Digital equipment utilizing various types of lenses and filters. We also use various types of image stabilizing equipment such as Gyro Sensor, Image Stabilized Telephoto lenses. We also utilize a variety of different types of aircraft. Our fleet include a Cessna 172, hot air balloons, and tether helium blimps with live feeds. We can rent bucket trucks, Robinson R-22 and Bell JetRanger helicopters depending upon the project requirements We don't do drones.

Q. How are aerial photography sessions scheduled?

A. We are available 7 days a week.  We prefer to shoot on “crystal clear” days although that’s not always possible. Some photos are taken at night, some at dusk or dawn – just depends on a client’s needs. When possible, we schedule multiple “shoots” on a single flight to minimize operating costs. Spring, summer, fall and winter – we provide amazing photographs for all seasons, occasions and perspectives throughout the year.

Q. What is the difference between “Oblique” and Vertical” aerial photography?                          

A. Oblique aerial photography provides the “side view” or “nearly directly overhead” perspective of a subject or project. Vertical aerial photography provides an image directly over the subject or project; nearly straight down from the aircraft. Depending on a client’s needs, together we determine which view is right, which in turn determines which type of aircraft and camera equipment is utilized for the “shoot”.

Q. Do we ever allow passengers to ride along?

A. We typically discourage ride-alongs in our planes, however we usually have space in our hot-air balloons. For safety reasons all aerial photo shoots require a pilot and a photographer.  Some of the flight maneuvers and sharp turns required to get the desired effect may be uncomfortable to new fliers. However, there may be rare instances when we may request a client to ride along on a portion of a project to help us produce their desired finished product. That being said, We love to fly! We love to share aerial perspectives of the world we live in and do provide sightseeing flights and flight instruction.

Q. Are all of your finished products copyrighted and what does this mean?

A. All images created by our company are protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. Images may not be copied, reproduced, altered or converted to any electronic or machine readable form, in whole or in part, without the expressed, written permission of our company. These copyright laws also provide the copyright holder with exclusive rights to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies and publicly display any images created by the company. Once images are provided to a client, we provide them with a license to use the images they have purchased as desired, although we remain the copyright holder. We would love to provide our clients with copies of images produced by our company and will gladly do so upon request.

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